Data Products:



Data Switches

LAN/WAN Peripherals

Purchasing new data communications equipment (CPE) is a major decision for a company to facilitate the data communication needs of the organization. P&P Telecommunications can provide a new system as well as piece part additions to meet the needs of your growing organization. We offer complete system (LAN) sales including routers, data switches, hubs, network interface cards (NIC's), wireless access points as well as the data network service to facilitate internet connections (xDSL, Cable, T1/FT1-DDS) or wide area network (WAN) connections to other offices.

To better serve your data needs P&P Telecommunications Inc. is Microsoft Windows Certified as well as Avaya VoIP Certified. We operate with Cisco, 3Com, Linksys and Ethernet (Cat 5/6, Fiber).

Certified Cabling:

New Wire / Re-Wire


Voice & Data Drops 


Coax (Cable TV)

Fiber, Cat3, Cat5/6 

For all of your cabling needs (whether commercial or residential) in voice, video and data, P&P Telecommunications Inc. is certified for all your needs.