cctvThe benefits of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) are numerous and can be invaluable to businesses trying to minimize risk, from both internal and external sources. Many people use CCTV to prevent theft situations such as shoplifting, robberies or even internal employee theft. These situations cause billions of dollars of loss to industries every year.

Other risk management and loss situations that are often overlooked are:

  • "Slip and Fall" claims from customers or employees
  • Workers compensation claims
  • Employee Harassment, drug use and workplace violence
  • Vandalism

CCTV enables you to view multiple locations inside your home or business at a time. Not only can you view these areas live, but with our Digital Video Recorders, you can record and review countless hours, days, and even months of stored video footage from not only the recording equipment on site, but from off-site areas through any high speed internet connection on your personal computer or laptop. Our professionally installed CCTV systems can prevent shrinkage in inventory, and give your employees or family members a feeling of security. Alarms and detectors are an important part of a security system but CCTV allows you the ability to be places and to view things that no alarm would ever alert you to.

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