More than a few locks on doors, today's technology enables access control to do exactly that, keep you in control of your business. The benefits of an access control system are numerous.

Decrease Security Risks: Whether it is from unauthorized walk-in traffic or from former employees, preventing these persons from accessing your business creates an increased feeling of security for current employees which, in turn, create greater productivity.

Restrict Employee Access: Personnel files, safes, stockrooms, computer systems. Just some of the areas where some employees may have access and some employees may not. With simple individual profiles inserted into the system, these sensitive areas will only be accessed by authorized employees.

Reduce Shrinkage: By restricting entrance to inventory areas, employees, outside vendors, or customers are less likely to have opportunities for theft.

Cost Savings: No more re-keying locks when an employee leaves the company. With just a simple programming change, that former employee's access is revoked in minutes.

Track Employee Movements: When used as a management tool, this is a highly effective, employee-sensitive way to view staff productivity. No need for time clocks or similar systems, access control systems can also serve to show you the times employees arrive, take breaks, and exit the building.

Features of our Access Control Systems:

  • Control any area including exterior gates and elevators
  • Expandable and Upgradeable. From one door to hundreds of entry points.
  • Database Reports
  • Monitor your entire system in real time.
  • Photo ID Badging
  • Advanced technology such as fingerprint and palm print scanners.
  • Full Integration with alarm monitoring and CCTV for video verification.
  • Add multiple employees and delete multiple employees simultaneously.
Unfortunately because of today's culture and the history of the past decade, it just makes sense.  With a state-of-the-art access control system, you can feel safe in knowing that your employees, inventory and data are secure from intruders.