Roam Secure Alert Network (RSAN) provides innovative solutions to quickly and reliably connect people to emergency information through all possible notification channels.  These include:  Cell phones, Pagers, E-mail, PDA's, XM/Sirius Satellite Radio, Landline phones, Instant Messaging, computer desktop, WAVES and Safepath Mass Notification Systems, and indoor/outdoor speakers and sirens.

There are 4 major editions of RSAN:

RSAN - First Responder Edition:  Designed by use for emergency management, law enforcement, and emergency responder, even when traditional landlines are down.

RSAN - Continuity of Operations Edition (Coop):  Designed for government and industry use.

RSAN - Citizen Warning System Edition:  Designed for metropolitan cities and counties to alert the public during emergencies anywhere, anytime.

RSAN - Campus Alerting Edition:  Designed for use on a College Campus, providing quick and effective ways to alert students of an emergency.