WAVES is a command and control emergency notification system that broadcasts safety sirens, tones, live and recorded voice messages, and visual notifications by way of secure wireless networks.  These networks alert, warn, and inform people of what to do in an emergency or disaster. Using zones and subzones, people in immediate danger areas, indoor or outdoor, can be alerted quickly and accurately. For outside broadcast we have the WAVES High Power Speaker Array (HPSA) and the TACWAVES (or mobile HPSA).



The HPSA is commonly and easily mounted to almost anything, including buildings or light poles (as shown in the picture). As an alternative option the HPSA can also be attached to a sled to be placed out of sight or act almost as a mobile unit for slightly a less permanent option. These amazing devices are able to transmit clear voice messages up to 1,500 feet.





The TACWAVES provides portable emergency notification solutions for temporary needs. This device is easily transportable, deployable, and requires little training for set-up. The TACWAVES can be used for both emergency and community purposes such as county special events, homecoming festivities, or general construction sites.




Integrated Base Station (IBS)

In order to control such an extensive and technical system you use the command unit of the WAVES network - the IBS. All sensor appliances, like the Wireless Activator (WA) panic buttons and Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) detectors send their signals through the network to the IBS.  The IBS features a Windows-based intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) with User/Operator access, privileges, and password protection.  The IBS can also be integrated into 3rd party and all Cooper Notification solutions.