safepath For indoor alerting, an outdoor warning High Power Speaker Array may not penetrate the dense walls of most buildings. Cooper Notification's SAFEPATH provides the perfect solution, allowing the integration of building wide communication with quick and clear precision alerting. This supervised indoor emergency communications system can provide your building with supervised paging, background music, messaging, and emergency voice communications. This allows you to send pre-recorded or live messages to your audible and visual appliances. Depending on the extent of your MNS, you can network the SAFEPATH into the WAVES Integrated Base Station (IBS), allowing activation and accessibility through the internet, phone, or the IBS itself.


The SAFEPATH can easily act as a Standalone unit in a single building, with the main benefit being that you only need to install ONE system for paging, background music, emergency messaging, and employing notification with one speaker circuit, which could help cut cost in a new building by almost 40%. Other benefits include:

·         Broadcast live or recorded voice announcements to alert occupants of an emergency.

·         Mute music and general announcements during an emergency.

·         Prioritize messages according to your predetermined needs (Custom messages available).

·         Can be tied into existing fire alarms and security systems.

·         Monitor the system operation 24-7-365.

The SAFEPATH also features Network Integration with the WAVES and fire alarm systems. With this you can address buildings and facilities individually, in user defined groups or network wide, including outdoors.


Indoor Safepath Brochures