Mass Notification


What is a MNS (Mass Notification System)?

A MNS is an alert/notification system to inform people of imminent danger in the case of an emergency. It uses individual building control units (ACU), outdoor warning systems (otherwise known as giant voice systems), portable alerting systems and visual notification systems to alert large masses of people. It provides rapid alert and organizes personnel response.

Who can get a MNS?

P&P Notification Solutions in combined forces with Cooper Notification serve:



-Corporate Campuses

-Cities and Counties

-Military Bases

-Industrial Facilities

-Chemical Plants



-Mass Transportation Hubs

-Sports Arenas


Each MNS is specifically customized to serve its owner to the fullest potential.


How does an MNS notify its public?

There are various ways to alert publics in the event of an emergency. P & P Notifications Solutions mass notification systems specifically provide rapid alert of danger through broadcast sirens, live/recorded voice messages, visual alerts, SMS text messaging, phone-based call systems and e-mail.


For more general information on how a MNS works and how it could be applied to your campus, industry, or community, take a look at our MNS Layered Brochure.




MNS Layered Brochure